Since 1999, ITAC has continually developed and delivered innovative solutions and products to support diverse customer needs in the aerospace and defense industry. Some of ITAC’s new products and technologies include: noise prediction software for hot supersonic jets, software for control of large, complex wind tunnel facilities, and non-intrusive, diagnostic instruments for hypersonic aircraft.

Noise Prediction

ITAC has extensive experience in jet noise research and the development of advanced software for aeroacoustic applications. Recent work includes CHOPA (Compressible High Order Parallel Acoustics) code and a Noise Source Modeling and Prediction capability.

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Facility Control

ITAC’s Neural-Net based Facility Control Software provides improved control of large scale wind tunnels over a wide range of operating conditions, with potential for significant savings in energy costs and more efficient performance and data management.

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Diagnostic Instruments
for Hypersonics

ITAC, in conjunction with the University of Notre Dame (UND), provides optical instruments for non-intrusive off-body measurements in hypersonic flight experiments to enhance the understanding of high-speed flows for improved prediction and design.

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