Innovative Technology Applications Company (ITAC), LLC, is an engineering company focused on providing contract research and development and consulting services in a variety of technical areas to both government and commercial customers. Core areas of expertise include experimental and computational fluid dynamics, active flow control, aerodynamics, aero-acoustics and aero-optics. With an emphasis on applied research, ITAC's projects and services include advanced concept development, research, and test and evaluation using experimental and computational simulations, new code capability development, mathematical analysis of physical systems, and product prototype development.

ITAC is an experienced government contractor and a reliable supplier of products and services with an approved accounting system.

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ITAC Core Applications


Synthetic phased arrays
Malley probe
Powered resonance tube actuators
Optical propagation improvement system
CFD, EFD, Math Analysis

Technology Portfolio

CFD for acoustics prediction
Plasma actuators for aerodynamic control
Mathematical models for wind tunnel control
Aero-optic distortion minimization
Flight demo of closed-loop attitude control
Active flow control for noise reduction